How To: Do a simple envelope magic trick

Do a simple envelope magic trick

Bring a little magic and wonder into the lives of those around you with this easy magic trick. The best part is all you need is an envelop, pen and someone willing to reveal their age and birthday. Make sure to play up the suspense.

Amaze friends and family with your astounding mind-reading ability.

You Will Need

* Pen
* Paper
* Envelope
* Audience
* Volunteer

Step 1: Prepare and seal envelope

Write down a four-figure number that totals twice the current year. Put it in the envelope, and seal it prior to your demonstration.

Step 2: Select a volunteer

Select a volunteer from the audience to participate in the trick.

Step 3: Ask for year of birth and an important event

Ask the volunteer to write their year of birth, and, below that, the year of an important event, such as a graduation or marriage.

Step 4: List age and years passed

Instruct your volunteer to add their age to the list followed by the number of years that have passed since the event they listed.

Tell the volunteer they must be completely honest when writing down their birth year, age, and dates. This is vital for the trick to work.

Step 5: Add up numbers

Add the numbers the volunteer wrote down, or have the volunteer add them, and announce the number.

Make sure all the numbers are whole numbers. They must all be whole numbers for the trick to work.

Step 6: Open your envelope

Open your envelope, which should contain the same number, and pass it around. Voila! You're now a bona fide magician.

Legendary British magician Cardini, who rose to popularity in the 1920s, had a trademark surprised expression after completing sleight-of-hand tricks.

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