How To: Do the magic coloring book trick

Do the magic coloring book trick

Remember that magic trick from when you were a kid where the magician colors the drawing without any crayons? Ever wonder how they do that? Check out this tutorial and you will know their well kept secret! Use it to impress your friends!
You Will Need
• Magic coloring book
• Audience
• Magic wand (optional)

Step 1: Present the coloring book
Present the coloring book to the audience. While holding your thumb at the bottom of the book, quickly flip the pages to reveal a blank coloring book.

Step 2: Recruit an assistant
Ask the audience for an assistant. Pick a child from the audience.
A magic wand always makes a trick look more authentic. Let your assistant hold it.

Step 3: Explain how the trick works.
Position your thumb on the book so that it retains different-sized pages. When your thumb is at the top, it shows black and white pages; at the bottom, blank pages; and in the middle, color pages.

Step 4: Make a picture appear
Hold up the book and tell the audience that you will magically add pictures to the blank book. Have your assistant wave the magic wand.
When it is time to say the magic words, get everyone excited. Ask the audience to say "abracadabra" along with you on the count of three.

Step 5: Reveal black and white pictures
Hold your thumb at the top corner of the book and quickly flip the pages to reveal black and white pictures.

Step 6: Add color
Add some color to the book by having your assistant wave the wand. Hold your thumb in the middle edge of the book and flip the pages to reveal colored pictures.

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