How To: Perform the "cash printing" magic trick

Perform the "cash printing" magic trick

Magic is something almost everybody wants to learn, so why not learn now? Magic tricks can be done by anybody, you just need a little confidence and a little sleight of hand to pull off the illusion.

brusspup has tons of ingenious tips and tricks for everybody! In this video tutorial, he shows you how to perform the "cash printing" magic trick.

This video tutorial will show you how to perform the "cash printing" magic trick. Be a magician to your friends and your family! This is basic magic for beginners, so don't fret, see the reveal... learn how to print cash with a cardboard box contraption and a few ink pens. No skill involved here!

PS: This is not real counterfeiting!

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o m g dis is freakin craziiii as helllll.... i waz like tf when i first saw this

lol. i was like wtf is wrong with u, when ii first saw this xD

does it make another doller bill

no u ass it can not


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