How To: Do a Sponge Ball Magic Routine

Do a Sponge Ball Magic Routine

Sponge balls are a very cool magic effect.  But you will have to master palming first.  You will get very good reactions.  The best part is that you can simply keep them in your pocket.  Here is how to start. 

Step 1 Palming

 Begin by pretending to put a ball in one hand while secretly keeping the ball in the other hand.

Step 2 Say the Spell

Wave your wand and say a spell revealing there is no ball in your fist.  Remember to not direct attention to the palmed ball.

Step 3 Reveal the Ball

Now, there are plenty of options you can do.  You can take the palmed ball out of your or their ear, leg, etc.

Step 4 More Variations

There are many variations of this trick.  You can do Step 1, but then squeeze the palmed ball and a new ball together and give the two balls to the volunteer with the effect being that your ball jumped from your hand to their hand.


  • To add to the effect, How to Do a Sponge Ball Magic Routineyou should get many sponge effects like sponge rabbits, sponge to square, or growing sponge ball.
  • Carry sponge balls in a loose, spacey bag.
  • If balls become squished, soak in warm water and gently dry with a paper towel. It will also make them a little bigger.


  • Practice this illusion over and over (in front of a mirror or on video) until you can do it perfectly with your eyes closed.
  • A good magician never reveals his secrets.

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