How To: Make an amazing gravity-defying magic ball

Make an amazing gravity-defying magic ball

This ball isn't like any you've ever seen before. It's stubborn, it's unpredictable — it's practically immovable. Gravity cannot control this magic ball.

So, what's the secret behind this gravity-defying ball? How do you make one?

In order to make your own magic ball, you'll need a heavy steel ball. The one in this video is a steel Chinese stress ball. You'll also need a hollow plastic ball which can be separated into two sections. It needs to be larger than the steel ball, so that the metal ball with fit inside. You can probably find one at a hobby store, like Hobby Lobby. Next, you'll need some honey. Any kind will do. Lastly, a permanent marker. Color is up to you.

So, the steps are easy. Insert the small steel ball into one of the halves of the plastic hollow ball. Fill that section up with honey, until the steel ball is halfway immersed in honey. Then, grab the second half of the plastic ball, attach it with the honey/steel ball one and you're almost done. Use the marker to color the clear ball so no one can see the magic behind this ball trick.

Now, go test it out. Also, you can play around with difference sizes and weights for different speeds.

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I'm making one for my grandson to blow his mind

Where did you find the plastic ball?

For the steel balls, search online for baoding balls. For the plastic two-piece spheres, you could probably find them in local craft shops, or on Amazon… something like this acrylic one.

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