How To: Bend a spoon with your mind

Bend a spoon with your mind

Want to know how to bend a spoon and a fork and a steel bar with just your mind? Check this out. Of course, there are many ways to bend a spoon, and for some strange reason they all require touching the spoon at some point, so that's one clue to how psychics do the trick.

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the steel was pre-bent and he rotated it in his fingers

may be soft steel

It's Wood's alloy, not steel
it melts at about 40°C
old trick

No, he just pre bent it and turned it horizontally

thats not real

Those are made with Nitinol (Memory metal).

its fake!!!!

what is the reason?


At 1.18 hes bend the fork

Wat up dawg? I'm Vidz from Belize C.A. This #$%@ is fake! Tell me if i'm right? My email address is Lataz Shatta.

Can you use to bent spoon to eat? Cz I'm hungry!

I want to learn BLACK MAGIC also!!!!!

ya very cool if i know how to do a black magic.i know how to cut a hotodog without a spoon

fresh your a fool #$%@in idiot please die

for all you ppl who call this fake, you eithr didnt watch the vid till the end or if you did, you dont know english. he teaches you how to PRETEND you have mental powers....


He Mike "bend this".

doesn't work i have been sitting here for 10 mins trying to bend a spoon with my fingers. i have been rubbing if for 10 mins

fake fake fake this guy is /#?@@?

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