How To: Stick a 4-Inch Nail Up Your Nose

Stick a 4-Inch Nail Up Your Nose

Remember Brian sticking a 4-inch nail up his nose at Diggnation New York? Want to do it yourself? This time he shows you how it works!

You've asked, you've pleaded.

We've hinted, we've teased.

At long last, we FINALLY reveal how the Human Blockhead stunt works.

We've wanted to teach you ever since Brian performed it at the NYC Live Diggnation event. But to be honest, our biggest problem was finding someone daring enough... intense enough... insane enough to try it.

And then Brian co-hosted the Digg Reel with Andrew Bancroft, and we knew we had our man.

First off, let's be clear: shoving anything up your nose is a bad idea. Nobody should do it except under the supervision of an expert. All of this is for your informational edification only.

And since we've made that clear, here's what it boils down to: you've got two major sets of sinuses in your head: your frontals (above your eyes), and your maxillary sinuses (the big ones that curve down to become your throat). It's possible to push a skinny object (like a nail) into either of them, but the frontal sinuses are a REALLY BAD idea, since there's mere millimeters of soft tissue separating the nail from YOUR BRAIN.

The blockhead's properly performed by inserting the nail into the maxillary sinus, straight back until it touches the back of your throat. Check out this clip from CNN for more proper, "scientific" detail.

Major props to Andrew Bancroft for pulling off this stunt in minutes!

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