How To: Make fireproof gloves

Make fireproof gloves

Learn how to make your own pair of fireproof gloves for magic tricks or movie special FX. Fireproof gloves let you cover your hands with flammable butane & play with fire like never before. They will not damage or incinerate your hands because they are constructed of several layers.

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Sick dude

You have a nice finger

does this really work


If you flipped someone thi bird, man... that would almost be the ultimate '#$%@ you', ya know?

i believe they used a trick like this in the 3rd mummy movie when the emperor's hands are on fire

i tried it and it worked great for my hands but be careful because if you hold your hands down the flames will go up your arm. I burned all the hair off both my arms!

BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

do you need lighter fuel?

Can I use a lighter for the lighter gun?I don't have a lighter gun...

cool dude i need to do that to scare my brother

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