How To: Do the Sliced Banana Trick!

Do the Sliced Banana Trick!

How to do the sliced banana magic trick! Fool your friends and be the life of the party with this awesome magic trick! This video will show you how to cut a banana before you even peel it! All that you will need for this cool trick is a needle and a banana.

Step 1: Get What You Need

You will need a banana and a sewing needle

Step 2: Choose an Edge

Choose what edge of the banana that you will want to do this trick

Step 3: Insert the Needle

Put the needle into the top of that edge

Step 4: Cut the Fruit with the Needle

Inside the banana peel, actually cut the banana by wiggling the needle around, be careful not to poke through the other side of the banana peel.

And continue this process all the way down to the bottom of the banana. When you get to the bottom you can remove the pin and peel the banana. After it's peeled you will have an already sliced banana and a cool trick to show your friends!

Thanks for reading this! Be sure to also watch the video embedded at the top, thanks!

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