How To: Get an Egg into a Bottle

Get an Egg into a Bottle

Be the life of the party – without wearing a lampshade or starting a conga line – by getting an egg into a bottle.
You Will Need
* 4 Four wooden matches
* 1 A wide-mouth glass bottle that holds at least 20 ounces
* 1 A peeled, hard-boiled egg

Step 1: Light some matches
Strike four matches at once. Be careful not to burn your fingers (or anything else).

Step 2: Drop in matches
Drop the lit matches into an empty glass bottle. Don't worry—the flames will extinguish themselves inside.

Step 3: Set the egg
Before the matches extinguish, set the narrower end of the egg on the mouth of the bottle so that it covers the opening completely.

Step 4: Watch it go
Watch as the air-pressure variation you've created inside the bottle magically sucks the egg right in. Now take a bow!

Fact: It takes a hen about 25 hours to lay one egg; then she starts all over again 30 minutes later.

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