How To: Bite a quarter and spit it back together

Bite a quarter and spit it back together

This is a classic trick David Blaine did in his first special and here the secret is revealed. Bite a quarter and spit it back together.

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There's something sadly disappointing about magic.


magic is deliriously wonderful. REVEALING/LEARNING magic perhaps disappoints you. (And i ain't telling you there is no santa.)

no santa 0_0?!?!??!

Cool trick.... except that you have to buy the quarter as a specialty item... :(

blank out the santa comment
wonderhowto is kid friendly

yeah but i doubt that kids under the age of 10 r going to be on this site but if they r yes guys Santa does exist

magic is so bad but this trick can be easyley fooled

its just for fun

It's a neat trick. I thought it would be a taped half quarter on the back. Cool stuff.

too bad I dont know of any magic shops anywhere near me


can i use a real coin and break it? xD

your gonna look like a twat wene they ask to see the coin ?? Or just keep a real 1 in your palm

UHHH yeah hey Bevis Gwar Is on Uhhh Henh henh FiRe FiRe

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