How To: Breathe fire

Breathe fire

You want learn how to fire breath? This how-to video has 6 easy steps that anyone can do and it's safe. You need corn starch, water and a flame. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to breathe fire. You'll be able to find work as a carnie in these tough economic times.

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so u drink the water so the cornstarch is out of ur lungs right?(sry 4 tarded question)

not its just to get the bad taste out of your mouth... well it might be for that too tho...

corn starch wont get in your lungs unless youre stupid enough to breath it in, imagine a mouthful of dust, after doing this your mouth will be dry as hell not to mention the horrible taste

Yeah, i highly recommend something other than cornstarch, it solidifies in your mouth due to a reaction between it and your saliva

i am god and i too approve this video!

drinking water goes to your stomach, it won't clear out your lungs. I'm confused though. In the beginning they're all like... cornstarch doesn't burn, but then they say use it for fire breathing?

it doesn't combust on its own. it adds particles to your exhale that do ignite. in short, it's only flammable when you blow it. not if it's sitting in a pile in your hand.

Thats actually not true. When the corn starch is all in a pile it is too dense. In reality the corn starch is incredibly flammable...just in smaller ammounts. If you can't get corn starch easily you can you sugar or flour. Sugar tastes good but it smells terrible when it burns.

not so much the particles in your mouth as much as each of the individual corn starch bits being surrounded by oxygen, allowing it to combust much more easily, by the way, everything on this earth combusts

I agree. It all has to do with the surface area to mass/volume ratio. The more surface area (like a fine powder, cornstarch or even flour) has much more surface are then it does volume so it is combustible.
Cool trick.

Powerline man, Nice

no the water is to clean the starch from ur mouth

lol it isnt flammable in a big clump, but when blown into the air its very flammable, so it cant come back into your mouth and scorch your tongue

it may be non-toxic, but get ANYTHING into your lungs and you are potentially in deep trouble. And because corn starch is such a fine powder it makes it even easier to get into your lungs with possible nasty effects - pneumonia, pleurisy

thats why you dont inhale through your mouth, but try to breathe from your nose. duh

also warks with powdered coffee mate.

i am awesome and i approve this message

I am the Golden Rat and i totally,undeniably approve this message.

i approve and wanna try this but wat is the water actually for

would this work with other stuff like flower aswell

ok thanks ill try this soon so

Cool, I think Im gonna carry corn starch with me wherever I go. Ya better not mess with me!

Im a man in a taco suit and approves this> and smokey you better watch out make one wrong move
and i'll be there with my corn starch :D

funk smokey i love fire

I wonder why altair doent just carry a big pouch of cornstarch instead of a hidden blade and crap?

and even more....
out of anything...
i dont got no corn starch tho :(

I'd hate to think what would happen if that went wrong

WWOOOOOOOOSSSHSHHSH!!!!!!!!!Loaf and his Fleas are going to chase da innocent people of town and breath FIAH!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

whoo! Just tried now and it fu**in works!!!

you safer off doing real fire breathing with parrafin

Can the starch get into your lungs?

great vid..bathroom is not an open area hehe!!

im going to try that when i go to my family friends house



*goes super hyper*


im 80% sure the water is also partially in case something else catches fire


cool trik i lov it

Nice, but do you think flour would work too???

flour wont workbecause corn startch has a source of energy like in ethonal the new fuel they use cornstartch and alchool so the mix would be strongeralchool will make the mix strongerso dont use flourthank you:)

Pneumonia's not THAT bad. I had it once on CHRISTMAS sucks for me right. i guess that's for not being christian! but i am SO gonna try this.

im just gona stick with fireballs for now on

Dude i dont know whats in your mind but its kinda cool!!

i think the water is for washing your mouth out

ok i tried this with cornstarch and pwdered sugar like in other vid with #1 lighter and #2 lighter fluid flaming stick, neither worked so me and my neighbor lit stuff with gthe lighter fluid since no1 was home, but i grounded six months, oh well, and the cornstarch doest taste bad but its like having goo in your mouth, it made me gag when i tasted it after

oh and senri, gl with the fire lol!


you #$%@!+ rig it!!!

Corn starch can be used for cooking, so it won't hurt if you swallow some of it. Make sure to not swallow a lot by mistake

Once my little brother dropped a pill bug in my ear for a joke and I think it ate part of my brain.

man this is so cool i vont to try this
can you tell me name of the first song in video plz

this video does not work. I just tried it with my little cousin watching & noting happened it just blew out the lighter & I was left with a terrible taste

ok i cant watch the video so can someone tell me how to do this?

This is actually the secret ingredient Disney uses to make the dragons in their parades breathe fire. Because of course, combustible liquid like kerosene/gasoline is way too dangerous for no good reason *lol*!

What a wonderfully incomplete set of instructions.

And you spelled "carny" wrong.

I tried some fire tricks like this and it went bad, the police showed up and called it arson. So be careful not to do it in a public place . Here is the video of how I did it:


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