How To: Breathe huge fireballs with non toxic items

Breathe huge fireballs with non toxic items

Learn how to safely breathe huge fire balls with non-flammable or toxic households items. This trick is simple and safe! Shock your friends and family!

You will need:
powdered sugar
a burning source

Make a mixture of cornstarch and powdered sugar and fill your mouth with powder. Then take a deep breath and blow at the flame for a huge fireball!

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uh duh it says it in the video

great.just like what i did but it burns all my nostrails

im about to try this and if i die im gona haunt you whoever made this movie, i hope i dont like die

How much corn starch mixed with how much powdered sugar?

This will complete my Gene Simmons costume this halloween!!!

It makes a paste in your mouth if you let it sit in there for too long.

I'll be totally honest and say that I'm a little hesitant if not downright scared to take any instructions having to do with breathing fire from someone who can't spell the words "presented" (which was mistakenly spelled "presenterer," or "mixture" which was spelled "micsture (or similar)." I mean, I was into the work&the effort that you obviously put into the awesome special effects style digital logo at the beginning of your own video (apparently you have your own production company?? for online instructional videos on how to breathe fire??), but whoa. Dude. Fix the basic stuff like spelling while you're at it. I mean, these words are going to be immortalized on screen in your movie here. The least you can do is make sure you spell 'em right. Respect though. This is not intended to be meant as a diss-just constructive criticism. I'm literally just seeing mixed messages here. Kudos on the actual fire breathing nonetheless though. Altogether I'm definitely liking your video. Peace out hon.

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