How To: Do the classic jumbo ball into a tiny hole trick

Do the classic jumbo ball into a tiny hole trick

Leave your geometry teacher speechless when you turn a circle into a square! This very cool magic trick is easier than you would think. With this tutorial, learn how to impress your family and friends, step by step.
You Will Need
• Sponge ball and cube magic set
• Audience

Step 1: Show the audience the ball
Show the audience the red sponge ball in your hand and tell them you will make it disappear.

Step 2: Squeeze the ball in your fist
Squeeze the ball through a small opening in the top of your closed fist, passing it from one closed fist to the other, palms inward, so that it is always concealed from your audience.

Step 3: Turn the ball inside out
Turn the ball inside out while passing it from hand to hand. The red ball is a trick ball that, when inverted, becomes a large square with a hole that conceals a black ball.
Ask them to guess which hand the red ball is in. Whichever they choose, they'll be surprised when no red ball is in either hand.

Step 4: Reveal
Reveal the large red square that was the red ball and a black ball when you open your hands.

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