How To: Do an easy ball vase trick

Do an easy ball vase trick

Magic tricks are a fun way to pass the time or entertain a group of friends. The ball and vase trick is easy to learn using the basic principles of magic trick deception. Pick one up and start spreading joy and wonder to people near you.

The easy ball vase trick is one of the easiest tricks to master but it will make you look like a regular Houdini.

You Will Need

* Ball vase kit
* Audience

Step 1: Open the vase

Open the vase to reveal a colored ball in the cup of the base.

Step 2: Put the ball in your pocket

Put the ball in your pocket and tell your audience you are going to make the ball reappear in the vase.

Step 3: Make the ball reappear

Replace the top of the vase and wave your hand over it.

Uttering a magical incantation while waving your hand will add to the illusion.

Step 4: Lift the trick top

Lift the trick top, showing a secret compartment and revealing a second, "gimmick" ball, glued inside.

Keep the vase as still as possible while the gimmick ball is shown. People will wonder why it doesn't move like a real ball.

Step 5: Make it disappear

Make the ball disappear by replacing the trick top, waving your hand over it, and reopening the vase while holding the false bottom in place.

Step 6: Show the ball in your pocket

Make the ball magically "reappear" in your pocket by taking it out of your pocket to reveal the real ball that was there all along.

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