How To: Do the "pinch drop" coin trick

Do the "pinch drop" coin trick

Wow your friends with this coin trick called the "Pinch Drop". This coin vanish is an important addition to any magician's bag of tricks. Learn how to get this trick down perfect with help from this how-to video.

What you will need:
• Coin
• Dexterity

Step 1: Hold the coin
Hold the coin between your thumb and all fingers of your dominant hand. Your palm should be facing toward you with your fingers facing toward the sky, curled slightly.

Step 2: Hide the coin
Bring your other hand up, extending your fingers to hide the coin.

Step 3: Palm coin
Drop the coin and hold it in the classic finger palm position, holding it between the first and second knuckles of your first and middle fingers.

Step 4: Close empty hand
Close your empty hand so that it appears to close around the palmed coin.

Step 5: Blow on it
Bring your closed, empty hand up to your mouth and blow on it while slowly opening your fingers.

Step 6: Open your hand
Open your hand to reveal that the coin has vanished.

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