How To: Escape from a straitjacket

Escape from a straitjacket

With the help of magician Dan Martin, you'll learn the steps to escape from a straitjacket! Hopefully you won't find yourself in a serious situation where you need to escape from a straitjacket, but if you want to simply impress your friends or put on a magic show, this video is a great tutorial for you.

From Revision3:
We're back with another episode featuring special guest Dan Martin! This week, Brian and Dan explain step by step how to get out of a real straitjacket, as well as debunk some myths and legends associated with the stunt.

First off, it's important to note that straitjackets are rarely designed to be "escape-proof". They're mainly used to prevent psychiatric patients from hurting themselves or others. As such, carefully thinking through the process of the escape (along with having some patience and flexibility) should make it possible to escape from most regulation straitjackets.

In this video, Brian and Dan break down the escape step-by-step, showing exactly how each of them pulls off Houdini's classic stunt.

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