How To: Get yourself out of thumbcuffs

Get yourself out of thumbcuffs

Daniel Martin, a magician and escape artist, explains his technique for getting out of thumbcuffs.

Disclaimer: We're pretty sure it's not illegal to know HOW to escape from thumbcuffs... but we're 100% sure it's illegal to actually escape when detained by law enforcement (just sayin').

As we already learned from Daniel, there are three ways to escape from handcuffs:

#1 - Key: This one sounds obvious, but most people don't know that just about all handcuffs use the exact same design of key. Just keep one in your back pocket, and you're set.

#2 - Shim: Smaller and much thinner than a key, a shim is easy to conceal and easy to use.

#3 - Paperclip: It's not just a cliche from action movies... you can use a garden-variety paperclip to escape from real handcuffs, and Daniel showed us how.

BUT -- in this episode, we learn a very special, very sneaky way to escape from thumbcuffs that use none of the above methods! Check it out.

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