How To: Levitate in the air

Levitate in the air

Learn two different methods of meditation, as used by David Blaine and Chris Angel. In the first method, you will push up on your toes of one foot, while lifting the other in the air. Keep your audience behind you at a 45 degree angle for optimum levitation illusion. In the second method, cut a slit up the front of a pair of pants to your waist. Tape the very bottom of your pants together. Next, take the shoelace out of one of your shoes (this should be the same side as the pants leg with the slit). Put on the shoes and the pants. Using the shoelace you took out, tie the shoes together around the base of your feet. Finally, with your back to the audience, step out of the pant leg and up onto a higher surface, such as a chair. By following this tutorial and taking some time to practice, you can trick all your friends with these levitation techniques!

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