How To: Make an empty can full again

Make an empty can full again

You can learn a magic trick that will make an empty can full again, just watch this how-to video. You need a can of soda, piece of paper, black texta, scissors, and a marker. You trim the paper to best fit the can's mouth, insert a hole behind the can's mouth, and squeeze about 2/3 of the can out. Check out this video magic tutorial and learn how to create the illusion of filling up an empty can.

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cool trick, extremely annoying music...

dude thak you alot ive been wanting to know this trick for months again thak you :)

this is a great trick im going to try to do this
the music isn't so great so guys just mute it and don't give it bad ratings

yeah but i saw umm david blaine do that in the middle of central the hell did he do it??

Haven't tried it, does it actually work?

now i no a magic trick that i can acutally can say htat works.!@#$%^&*:):):)

lol thats so easy... f*ck off d*mbass!!! i know its a prepared can!!!grrr

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