How To: Make a spinning candle trick with a nail & two glasses

Make a spinning candle trick with a nail & two glasses

Forget the standard one-ended candle— this two-ended spinning candle beats even the biggest candle. It's a simple trick, which needs only a couple glasses (wine glasses used here), one nail, a long taper candle, and a lighter or pack of matches.

To make this spinning candle trick, just cut the bottom of the taper candle so that the wick is accessible to light, like the top side. Then push the nail through the middle of the candle, as shown in the video. Next, position the two glasses next to each other, leaving a gap in-between just smaller than the length of the nail. Balance the candle, using the nail, in-between the two glasses. Now for the fun part— light the wicks on both ends of the candle and watch the candle begin to dance, which will eventually start spinning 'round and 'round.

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