How To: Mentally control a Zippo flame

Mentally control a Zippo flame

Watch this instructional video to learn how to do a trick with a zippo lighter. Steal the flame from the lighter, then put it back. The lighter trick in this how-to video will amaze all your friends.

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great trick, real easy and fun. thanks


now all i need is a lighter...

Lovely trick, it will be a real fun. Thank you and God bless!

zippos are the rad

thanks this one will make a few smiles and bucks COOL!!!!


lol... that is pretty cool.

wont work on my zippo...probably because it was made in china.#$%@ the corporate world!

woah thanks! my friends has a zippo and ill do this trick to him!

how does the flame go away?

hahaha now all i need is a zippo.

i shall go scab a zippo

kool trick,


kool where can i get a zippo

do u hav 2 use a zippo?

can you use any type of lighter ?



I got a girl's number for doing this trick...thanks dude.


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