How to Perform an amazing silk handkerchief magic trick

Learn how to do the Amazing Silk Escape with magician Ryan Oakes. You'll be able to entertain your family and friends with this great trick. You will need a clear glass, a
rubber band, and two opaque handkerchiefs (each should be a different color). Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.
1. Place one of the handkerchiefs completely into the glass, but leave the tip near the top.
2. Now place the second handkerchief over the mouth of the glass. As you do this, secretly pull a small corner of the first handkerchief out and over the lip of the glass, keep it in place with your thumb.
3. Hold the top handkerchief over it and then secure it in place with the rubber band. The handkerchief will now be seemingly trapped inside.
4. Hold the glass in your left hand and raise it up to eye level. With your right hand, reach under the outer handkerchief and tap the bottom of the glass to prove again that it's solid.
5. When you do this, carefully grab the corner of the 'trapped' handkerchief that is sticking out and slowly pull it out. It will look like it melts right through the bottom of the glass.
6. Remove the rubber band and second handkerchief and show that all is still as it was!

Perform an amazing silk handkerchief magic trick

Perform an amazing silk handkerchief magic trick Click through to watch this video on

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