How To: Perform a balancing egg magic trick

Perform a balancing egg magic trick

Let magician Ryan Oakes show you how to make an egg magically balance on its end! This easy trick will amaze your family and friends! You will need an egg, salt and a handkerchief. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.
1. Secretly place a pile of salt on the table and cover it with your handkerchief. Keep the handkerchief centered over the pile so that you remember where it is.
2. Show the egg and handkerchief to your audience, explaining that the handkerchief is there to prevent a mess. Lift a front corner of the handkerchief to show nothing underneath. Place the egg on its big end a few times to show that it can't stand up on its own.
3. Place the egg in the center of the handkerchief where your salt pile should be hidden. Press lightly into the pile with the egg to create an indentation that will hold the egg upright. Remove your hand and the egg will appear to magically stand on its own!
4. Lift the egg back up from the table. To remove the salt, simply run your hand over the handkerchief towards your lap and no one will suspect a thing!

Perform a balancing egg magic trick

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