How To: Perform a balancing glass magic trick

Perform a balancing glass magic trick

Get ready to defy the laws of gravity with this really cool magic trick. Just make sure your glass is empty when you perform this one!
You will need one plastic tumbler or bottle,
one opaque plate, two playing cards, scotch tape, and scissors.
Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors, so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.

1. Take one of the playing cards and cut it in half. Line the half up with the other (full) card and then tape it in place. With the playing card's busy background, it should be very difficult to see that there is a half-card taped to it.
2. Hold the plate vertically, with your right hand near the top. Your fingers should curl over the front (towards the audience) and your thumb should be in back.
3. Place the glass on top of the plate, on the rim.
4. Use your thumb to help the glass maintain its balance.
5. Remove your grip on the glass and show that it is balancing on the plate.
6. Place the card on the table on its edge. Make sure your spectators are seated across from you (you'll need to watch your angles on this one).
7. Hold it in place as you then place the bottle on top of it.
8. As you pretend to 'steady' the glass, secretly pull the flap out and use it to steady the glass. You'll find that the glass easily balances on the 'tripod' you've just created with the card and flap.

Perform a balancing glass magic trick

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