How To: Perform the "Best Coin Trick in the World"

Perform the "Best Coin Trick in the World"

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Greg Solomon is here today in this video tutorial to teach you how to perform the "Best Coin Trick in the World". He will show for you, and perform for you what many have referred to as the best coin trick there is. Immediately following the performance of this illusion, Greg will reveal to you, and explain to you how the coin illusion is performed.

The reason this coin trick is referred to as the "Best Coin Trick Ever" by so many illusionists, so many magicians, is because it is so visual; it involves holding the coin right up front, right in the open, in fact, letting the spectator hold the coin. It's not magic, just sleight of hand.

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the guys kinda creppy

So....while Scotch and Soda is a nice trick, it is by no means the best coin trick in the world, and here's why.

  1. It's a gimmick. There is no sleight of hand involved whatsoever.
  2. It's a non-straightforward way of transforming one coin into another. There are better transformations that are direct and don't have an extra coin along for the ride.
  3. It involves "put your hands behind your back", which is a mechanism best left to children's magic kits.
  4. It is not visual.

There are beautiful, straightforward coin tricks that involve regular coins, are visual, and leave you clean, and most of them are better than Scotch and Soda.

Take a look at Slydini's One Coin Routine and tell me if you think S&S is better.

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