How To: Perform a card trick using mental powers

Perform a card trick using mental powers

Join Magician Ryan Oakes as he reveals step by step a really cool card trick! Grab and audience a deck of cards and get ready to have a magic show of your own! So cool! You will need one deck of playing cards. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.
1. To prepare, find a deck of playing cards where the cards are printed slightly off-center. You can check these cards by seeing whether or not the pips (the number and icon) in the left and right corners are equidistant from the sides.
2. Show the deck of cards to your assistant and pick out six cards. Make sure that the cards are all symmetrical, meaning that they appear the same no matter which way the ends are facing. Cards like the ten of hearts, ten of spades, two of spades, two of hearts, four of clubs, and queen of diamonds are all perfect for this. Make sure the pips of each card are all the same in the top left corner. They should all be slightly closer to the edges then the bottom right pips. This will help you perform the trick.
3. Once your cards are arranged the way you need them to be on the table. Ask your assistant to mentally select one of the cards. Turn your back and have him or her rotate the card they have selected 180 degrees. You won't see which card was turned, but you'll be able to tell because the bottom right pip of the selected card will now be closer to the edge than the top left.
4. Turn around, find the card with the changed pip alignment, and reveal it to your surprised assistant!

Perform a card trick using mental powers

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