How To: Perform the cut and restored string trick

Perform the cut and restored string trick

1. This video describes how to perform the cut and restored string trick. For performing this you need One "Scissor", "about 4 inch length of string", "one Straw" which you can get any restaurant or juice shop and "one X-acto Knife". Now actually prepare the straw, and the secret is in the straw in this case.
2. What you are going to do is just slit a third of the length of the straw. And now using X-acto knife cut the straight line as straight as you can in the middle of the straw. Now we have the straw with cut in the middle about a third the length.
3.Now we are ready to perform the fact. Take the string and feed it into the straw and let it go all the way through until it comes out in the other end of the straw. Now just fold the straw into half in the middle right with the slit, and when you folding the straw the slit will opens up in straw.
4.And now pull string down out of the slit to come out of the straw and now fold the straw and keep it together tightly and the string will come down. That part will look empty now, and the edge of the straw, too. Before cutting, remember that you do not cut with string. Now cut tip of the straw and hold those two pieces together without showing the string and twist the two piece of strings in opposite direction and show the straw all the way around except the string which hides between the straws. Now you can have two straws and two strings. Now you pull string from one and it will come out between two straws from the other side. That is it. The magic is done.

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