How To: Perform the Mighty Dollar magic trick

Perform the Mighty Dollar magic trick

A dollar goes a long way and in this trick, magician Ryan Oakes shows you the power of persuasion. You will need a sharp pencil,
a dollar bill, and a piece of paper or a napkin slightly larger than the bill. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks. 1. Preparation: Tear a small slit in the dollar bill. The slit should be about an inch long and should be from top to bottom. Looking at the bill horizontally, it should be on the left side about 1.5' from the side and vertically in the middle. (Easier to show!)
2. Show the dollar bill and casually show both sides. Your thumb and fingers should naturally cover the slit.
3. Fold the bill in half, end for end. (The slit side should be on the bottom.)
4. Fold the paper around the bill, leaving the bill sticking out a bit on the bottom.
5. Feed the pencil into both the bill and paper.
6. Secretly get the tip of the pencil into the slit.
7. Feed the pencil about 2' into the bill/paper.
8. With a little drama, 'forcefully' push the pencil tip through the papers (it will now apparently look like it penetrated both the paper and dollar). You will see the pencil tip protrude from the torn paper.
9. Slightly separate the bottom of the paper/dollar to show that the pencil is indeed in between both papers, proving that both were harmed.
10. Pull out the pencil and snap your fingers.
11. Open both papers to show that the dollar bill is completely unharmed. Hold it up by both sides and again your fingers will cover up the slit.

Perform the Mighty Dollar magic trick

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