How To: Perform a rising ring magic trick

Perform a rising ring magic trick

Spooky Magic tricks are so much fun! So grab a rubber band and metal ring and learn how to do the rising ring!You will need a finger ring or key ring and a thin medium-sized rubber band. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors to make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.
1. With your right hand, grab 4/5 of the rubber band (doubled over itself) and pinch it with your right forefinger and thumb. Hide the rest of the rubber band in your closed right fist.
2. On the protruding piece, thread the ring.
3. With your left hand, hold the rubber band in between your left thumb and forefingers.
4. Stretch the rubber band as tightly as it will go (should only be about4-5" since most of the band is hidden in your hand).
5. Demonstrate how much movement is needed to make the ring move down/up the rubber band (it usually takes at least a 45 degree angle).
6. Lower your right hand so that the ring is at the bottom of the slope, near your thumb and forefinger.
7. Hold your arms steady (you can even have them held by a spectator) and begin to stare intently at the rubber band.
8. Slowly release the tension between your right thumb and forefinger. As the tension is released, you will see the ring slowly "move" up the band!

Perform a rising ring magic trick

Perform a rising ring magic trick Click through to watch this video on

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