How To: Perform the rubber spoon magic trick

Perform the rubber spoon magic trick

Get ready to perform a trick where you make a spoon bend like it's rubber! All you need is a regular metal spoon.
Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors, so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.

1. Hold the spoon with two fists, one over the other. The backs of your fists should be facing the audience and the bowl of the spoon should be at the bottom. Keep your thumb from the bottom hand in front.
2. You'll now have to do a little acting to make it look as though you are applying pressure to the spoon so that it will bend. Actually, you are NOT applying any pressure but instead slowly loosening your top fist so that the spoon slides out. Make sure people are sitting in front of you when you perform this or else they'll see the spoon sneak out the back.
3. Keep your fists straight up and perpendicular to the table while the spoon continues to change angles. Be sure to use your bottom fingers to continue holding it up. It will look like the spoon is bending right at the bowl. Use your bottom fingers to bring the handle of the spoon back into your fists and then show that the spoon actually hasn't been bent at all!

Perform the rubber spoon magic trick

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