How To: Perform the vanishing salt shaker magic trick

Perform the vanishing salt shaker magic trick

Want to amaze your family at the dinner table? Well follow along with Ryan Oakes as he teaches you a great meal time magic trick that'll get everyone craving for more! You will need a salt shaker, two paper napkins, a
coin, and a table. Sometimes we use materials that require adult supervision... like scissors so make sure you have friends and family around whenever you do magic tricks.
1. Sit at the table with your spectator across from you. Cross your ankles.
2. Place the quarter on the table and then place the salt shaker on top of it. Tell the audience that you will tap the quarter with the salt shaker and it will disappear. But you'll need to hide 'the magic'.
3. Cover the salt shaker with one or two napkins, depending on how many are needed. You should be able to wrap the napkin around the shaker so that the paper takes on the form of the shaker. It should fit nicely over it and not be too tight.
4. Hold the shaker/napkin in your right hand and gesture towards the quarter.
5. Tap the quarter with the shaker and say 'Disappear!'
6. Remove the shaker and move it towards your body. The quarter is still there, unfortunately. Repeat again. It still doesn't work. (Again, keep looking at the quarter and move the shaker towards your body when you pull it away.)
7. On the third try, move your hand towards your body with the shaker once more. This time, however, you will release your grip on the napkin allowing the shaker to fall out and onto your lap. You will be left holding the napkin, but no one will notice its empty because the shape looks the same. Continue to look at the quarter so no one notices the drop… it's all timing.
8. Replace the 'shaker' and say you'll try a different trick, since this one isn't working. You'll make the shaker vanish!
9. With that, smack your hand down on the empty napkin form proving that the shaker has now vanished.
10. Ask your audience if they know where it is. Tell them it's reappeared under

Perform the vanishing salt shaker magic trick

Perform the vanishing salt shaker magic trick Click through to watch this video on

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