How To: Split a telephone book with your hands in seconds

Split a telephone book with your hands in seconds

It seems impossible. Ripping one piece of paper is effortless. Ripping a small stack of papers takes a little force. But ripping a book? No way! Actually, it can be done, but only with a telephone book. This tutorial will show you how to rip a phonebook in half, quickly and easily. This is a great trick to perform at parties to impress your friends.

So, the next time someone bets they're stronger than you, why not take the bet and give that book a good rip? After you watch this video, you will know how to easily accomplish this and your clueless opponent will be struggling for hours (unless he knows it, too).

At least know there's a helpful use for those darn phone books that turn up on your doorstep once a month.

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