How To: Use a fake quarter to do the bite one trick

Use a fake quarter to do the bite one trick

Quarters don't get you very far at the mall, but they are very impressive when used in magic. Grab a fake trick quarter and follow these steps and you will be on your way to impressing your friends in no time!
You Will Need
• Patter
• Trick folding quarter
• Audience
• Borrowed quarter (optional)

Step 1: Begin patter
Tell your audience to watch as you take a bite out of a quarter with your unusually strong teeth.

Step 2: Position quarter
Hold the trick quarter between two fingers and the thumb of your right hand, palm facing toward you.
Palm the trick quarter, borrow a quarter from a spectator, and switch them to make it look more legitimate.

Step 3: Take a bite
Lift the trick quarter to your mouth, bending the folding top down with your lower lip or tongue while putting it in your mouth and pretending to bite down on it. Hold the flap in place with your thumb.

Step 4: Show the bite
Take it out of your mouth to reveal that the top part of the coin is missing, leaving a bite mark.

Step 5: Blow to reappear
Blow on the coin while releasing your thumb to make the missing piece magically reappear.

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