News: The Amazing Art of Pen Spinning

The Amazing Art of Pen Spinning

Pen Spinning lives in a similar world of the unassuming arts of Cup Stacking and Dice Stacking. All three performing arts truly require a great deal of practice and skill.

"Pen spinning is a form of object manipulation that involves the deft manipulation of a writing instrument with one's hands. Although it is often considered a form of self-entertainment, multinational competitions and meetings are sometimes held. This pastime originated in East Asia  and is referred to as 'pen mawashi' in Japan."

Amazing demonstrations of the art below.

(Tons of great pen spinning tutorials on WonderHowTo and some nice illustrated HowTo's at Pentrix.)

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OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

That's a bit harsh - I think in this case the acronym should stand for Outstanding Chinese Discipline - However I must add that whilst this is very very impressive, if my colleague at work continues to practice at his desk I will have to shove the pen up his ringo!

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