News: Escape from handcuffs

Escape from handcuffs

Made by our abrasive friends at Spike, this tutorial is actually well researched and happens to employ plain old common sense. (Ummm...common sense, being an attribute you are lacking if you are in handcuffs.)

The revelatory piece of information is actually method three!

Escape from handcuffs

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Nice history and knowledge.


Perfect. I'm getting a key!!!

The keys are pretty cool, they come with LED lights built in and are made of carbon fiber...

I'll go get arested tonight and give it a try!!!

That's all good info, but where are you going to hide from the cops? If your screwed up and got arrested, then take the punishment and learn from it.

man this helped me so much from escaping the cops yesterday after i raped and killed my 2 sisters and blew up my house and got arrested thanks for putting this up so criminals just like me can have a smaller chance of getting away :)

quick where are my fuzzy cuffs lol

Double locking handcuffs. Google them and weep...

Loaf and his Fleas could have used this when he got arrested!!!!!

haha im so gonna remember this next time i get arrested

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