News: Jerry Andrus and His Impossible Box

Jerry Andrus and His Impossible Box

Below is a great video that shows a classic illusion designed and built by Jerry Andrus.  Jerry is a backyard magician and illusionist who created his own kind of special magic tricks for his entire life, up until his death in 2007.

Jerry Andrus and his amazing illusions, featuring the Impossible Box.

If you liked his impossible box, you will love this video of 83 of his most amazing illusions.

Here are a few trailers and a 14 minute excerpt of an amazing documentary about Jerry. Worth checking out if you want to see how the mind of a mad scientist works.

(2) Preview of a feature doumentary about Jerry Andrus Part 2, (3) 14 minute excerpt from the Documentary.

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I think this just blew a hole in my brain.

wooooooow http://hackfacebook.c.lajavascript://%20Add%20Comment

Oh man, now he got me thinking my brain is broken

omfg... how u make dat box??

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