News: Perform the anti-gravity ring trick

Perform the anti-gravity ring trick

Before your calls flood our command center, I'd like to clarify: anti-gravity is not real. It is a trick.

There was some confusion as to whether the HowTo master and creator GreeenPro made this video defying gravity.

Au contraire. He gets it. Have no fear. The ring does not defy gravity like some non-Newtonian Star Trek contraption.

The ring moves due to slight of hand magic and friction with the rubber band. As the 'magician' releases the (hidden) rubber band from his lower hand, the ring will begin to move. It will not move on the rubber band, but with the rubber band.

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Perform the anti gravity ring trick

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are you mattchapman the defender of Greeen's understanding of gravity?

it is just because of the elasticity and rough structure of rope.

it is just due to elasticity and rough structure of the rope.

that's not fake!!

its AMAZING how something so easy can fool you

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