News: Perform the Zippo lighter trick

Perform the Zippo lighter trick

The Zippo ain't no common Bic. This lighter is windproof, waterproof, electrocution proof... the list goes on! In the 1950's a fisherman found a Zippo in the belly of a fish. It worked on the first try!

In other words, this flame won't go out. That's what makes this magic trick work. It's all in the illusion and where you hide the fire.

This video tutorial was made for the good folks at the Instructables, a ragtag crew of DIY nuts founded by a group of MIT graduates.

Mentally control a Zippo flame

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great trick, real easy and fun. thanks


now all i need is a lighter...

Lovely trick, it will be a real fun. Thank you and God bless!

zippos are the rad

thanks this one will make a few smiles and bucks COOL!!!!


lol... that is pretty cool.

wont work on my zippo...probably because it was made in china.#$%@ the corporate world!

woah thanks! my friends has a zippo and ill do this trick to him!

how does the flame go away?

hahaha now all i need is a zippo.

i shall go scab a zippo

kool trick,


kool where can i get a zippo

do u hav 2 use a zippo?

can you use any type of lighter ?



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