News: Skewer your tongue

Skewer your tongue

Skewer your tongue Here Brian Brushwood deconstructs the 'Skewer through the Tongue' trick.

Magic or not...we're still totally grossed out.

Stage show magic is notoriously secretive. But that's not the case with Brian Brushwood of Universal Studios and Revision3 fame.

The prop to this illusion is a silicone prosthetic tongue. This is similar to the method of making ballistics gel.

Which other body parts would you like to see skewered in a gross-out magic show?

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Pierce your fake tongue with skewers

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I want to know the secret to getting your hair stick up like that, now that is magic!

i think it's either the typical hair product wax job OR eggs!

brian brushwood is my fave magician

id second that one

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