News: Suck an egg into a glass bottle

Suck an egg into a glass bottle

Magic? Camera tricks? Did someone build an egg inside the bottle with tweezers as if it were a ship? Nope.

This is way easier.

Basic science.

As simple as a vacuum.

The matches in the bottle burn up the oxygen. This creates a negative pressure environment, or vacuum. Voilà! The egg is sucked through the neck of the glass bottle.

This is just one of the uses of the principal. It's the same reaction as you see when you cover a bowl in the microwave or shrink wrap a package.

Perform the egg trick

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good luck getting it out

Yeh good luck !

My 4 year-old will get a kick out of that!

i no how to get it out

I'm going to go and do that now. I hope the bottle doesn't melt or anything dangerous like that. lol

that is so awesome i wanna do it!

that is so awesome haha i wanna do it!

now that i did that how do i get the egg out

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